Pixelfed: Photo sharing for everyone

I created, changed, moved, and deleted a lot of accounts on fediverse, I’m not going to lie. Some of them were Pixelfed accounts. Since 2018, Pixelfed is bringing photo sharing to people without violating their rights. Pixelfed is software libre and has much better privacy settings than Instagram.

I’ve had quite few Pixelfed accounts before but photo sharing was not my thing but since I’m trying to be more socialized and connected to people, I try to keep this account. I’ve explained about fediverse before, here’s a small note about Pixelfed.

What’s Pixelfed?

Pixelfed is a software libre federated service for sharing photos and videos. It’s part of the fediverse and uses ActivityPub protocol for its connection.

As I said, Pixelfed is federated. it means there’s no central/main server. You can sign-up on a instance and follow others on different instances. For example, I’m arh@example-a.net, and I can follow you, you@example-b.org; there’s no need for us to be on a same instance to communicate.

People also can follow you using other ActivityPub compatible social networks. For example, a person on Mastodon can follow your Pixefled account and vice versa.

Pixelfed is the future of photo-sharing. It’s software libre, privacy-respecting, decentralized, and for people. If you’re still using Instagram, which is owned by Facebook and violates your rights, consider joining us on Pixelfed.