Two days ago, Palmer Luckey reported on Twitter that Google (YouTube) is deleting his comments about a Chinese propaganda.

YouTube has deleted every comment I ever made about the Wumao (五毛), an internet propaganda division of the Chinese Communist Party. Who at Google decided to censor American comments on American videos hosted in America by an American platform that is already banned in China?

Palmer Luckey

Ninja Logic, another user, also replied that Google (YouTube) also deletes entire chat if you send certain words.

YouTube will also delete the ENTIRE chat replay from a livestream if a single person types the phrase 共匪, 五毛, or any of the other blacklisted terms critical of the CCP. Might be disruptive if people typed these phrases en masse in all the popular stream chats.

Might be disruptive if people typed these phrases en masse in all the popular stream chats.

Ninja Logic on Twitter

This is internet censorship. Lots of Hong Kong people are now protesting against Chinese government because of discrimination and inequality. Hong Kong people are fighting for justice and what Google is doing is helping Chinese government suppress these protests.

YouTube is one of the platforms for sharing videos and increase public information about protests and human rights and Chinese government is violating this right with the help of Google.

This is not acceptable. America claims to be the leader of free world and yet its corporations are violating human rights every day.

What’s the Solution?

This is just another reason for us to migrate to software libre. Software libre protects people from these stuff. By using software libre, you’ll be sure that your freedom and rights are respected and if violation happens, you can simply make your own platform with your own rules.

Software libre makes sure you have essential freedoms of software therefore it can be used to protect your freedom when you’re fighting like Hong Kong people.

If you’re in touch with any Hong Kong person protester, please let it know about software libre alternatives such as Peertube. It’ll help them talk freely.

We stand with you Hong Kong. Long live liberty.