Mezopotamya has reported that a young man who was listening to Kurdish music in Ankara was stabbed to death by three people.

Barış Çakan (20) was stabbed to death in the Etimesgut district of Ankara for listening to Kurdish music. According to the information obtained from his family, Çakan was attacked by three people while listenin to Kurdish music when he got out to get some fresh air in the park.

It was learned that the people attacked Çakar was registered to Yozgat, Kırıkkale and Tokat, but no information on their identity was disclosed. Çakan who was stabbed in his heart lost his life on scene. The three suspects were detained after the incident. Çakan who was taken to Private Etimad Hospital will be buried today, his cousin Doğan Çakan, who also added that he too was attacked before for listening to Kurdish music.

Hate crime against Kurds is not something new in Turkey. Not long ago, being a Kurd was a crime in Turkey and some of its neighbor countries. There’s still a lot of discrimination against Kurds in Turkey.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and other politicians should act immediately to stop this discrimination and racist acts. Human rights activists in Turkey should not remain silent. Violating human rights is vicious and deserves punishment.