Fascist people like the bully are now trying to censor the voice of ANTIFA. Only fascist people can be feel endangered by a anti-fascist movement.

Being silent about the bully’s effort to make ANTIFA a terrorist organization is not acceptable at all. It’s one of steps of the corrupt system of the USA to violate human rights and censor free speech.

The bully is trying to make himself a new dictator. His acts and speeches are obvious violations of human rights.

Just today, blue pigs fired tear gas against the protesters in front of the White House so the bully can go to church and take a picture. All these are signs for us to continue our fight against these people.

If we stop, the system gains more power to suppress us. Being silent leads to systematic fascism. Indifference leads to more corruption. Our fight goes on.

When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.

Sinclair Lewis