Accuracy and truth are more important than speed

A wise man once said that “if you don’t read the newspapers you’re uninformed, if you read them, you’re misinformed.” That’s very true. Newspapers and in general news agencies are focusing on speed, not the truth.

They’re in a competition with other news agencies to deliver news, often no matter true or fake, as fast as possible. What we need, however, is truth. People will prefer truth over speed.

You may be the last one who delivers news to us but as long as you tell the truth and we know we can trust you, we’ll want news only from you.

Journalists and news companies have responsibility over this. They’re responsible for misinformation in the society and they’re responsible for every consequence of spreading news because words effect people and people effect each other.

What we need is truth, not speed.

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Ali Reza Hayati

Entrepreneur, hacker, cypherpunk.