While the whole world was focusing on how coronavirus affected China, Italy, Iran, United States, etc. Africa was silently being infected with the virus. The Guardian reported that over 200 thousand people are now known to be infected with the virus and more than 5600 people are now dead.

Dr Matshidiso Moeti, the region’s World Health Organisation director, said the virus was spreading from capital cities where it arrived with travellers and that 10 countries were bearing the brunt of Africa’s epidemic, accounting for 75% of confirmed cases and infections. South Africa accounts for a quarter of cases.

“We believe that large numbers of severe cases and deaths are not being missed in Africa,” she said. “One of the biggest challenges in Africa continues be availability of supplies, particularly test kits.”

While people with African ethnicity are being abused and killed by fascist and racist people all around the world, people who live in Africa are now suffering from lack of necessary resources for basic health and medical needs.