An Iranian woman was beheaded by her husband on June 14. Locals report that a relative of Fatemeh, the poor woman, says Fatemeh’s sister was married to the brother of her husband and she was repeatedly beaten by her husband. Her sister even lost her child because of these beatings.

Fatemeh was forced to this marriage because she knew her husband is just like his brother. This relative of Fatemeh says Fatemeh was beaten by her husband too and after a few months of torture, she ran away to Mashhad, a city far from her hometown and takes shelter in safe house.

A while after, her father finds her and brings her back to the slaughterhouse where he (her father) knew that she’s going to be murdered. The father remembers how his sister (Fatemeh’s aunt) was killed by her husband (aunt’s husband) and this was nothing new to him.

The father tries to kill his daughter (Fatemeh) by feeding her poison but Fatemeh’s mother finds out and rescues her. After this, Fatemeh’s husband beheads Fatemeh next to the river.

Locals say that Fateme’s father won’t complaint against this as he’s a part of this too and her (Fatemeh) mother and sister won’t say anything because they fear their lives too.

A really sad day for human rights. Human rights organizations and authorities can’t do almost anything because of discriminatory laws.