There’s a lot of fake news on social media and many people can’t really find out which news to trust therefore they’re in danger of harming their lives or making terrible mistakes by accident.

Since the bully asked people to inject themselves with disinfectant to cure coronavirus, many people are confused. Some foundations like EFF and Freedom of the Press Foundation are working hard to fight fake news but it’s not enough.

Many people around the world are under influence of propaganda of their regime/government. A lot of money is spent every year to develop this propaganda and they’re being successful in it.

The dangerous thing is that with people’s trust, you can do anything. There’s no power stronger than people’s and they know it. That’s why we should fight to stop them. We can’t trust anyone in power.

They way they gain trust is also wonderful. They usually work in such way that they tell you the true correct news. Then they constantly repeat it to make you believe they are only expressing the original true news.

Then it comes to other news you heard from different sources you may trust and in this way, they probably have gained your attention and trust to them. When you make sure that they are reliable, in the midst of all true and correct news, they give that one fake news.

In order to direct public opinion, they continue to tell you the correct news repeatedly and that fake one still comes up once in a while. This way, because of the order of the news they told you, you probably believe it.

It’s a dangerous game. Many people are harmed by now and many people will be harmed if we don’t stop this. What I wrote was only one of the thousand ways they feed us with fake news.

Please be careful always and never trust anyone.

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