Update: Canonical asked some questions which I answered; then they responded.

I care about intellectual properties. Copyright is important to me. Personally, I license my works under a copyleft license but I always try to respect a company/service/etc. right over its properties such as logos, trademarks, etc.

Two Iranian companies/institutes are possibly violating Ubuntu/Canonical trademark policy/rights. I sent them an email message to see how they react to this. I thought it would be interesting for you too.

Here’s my email message:

Dear Canonical,

There’s two companies/institutes that seems to be using Ubuntu logo as
their trademarks. The logo is modified but it’s still obvious that
they’re copies of Ubuntu logo. I attached the logo files in this email
to let you see them.

My question is, keeping Ubuntu/Canonical trademarks policy in mind, are
these violation of Ubuntu/Canonical intellectual property rights?

If yes, are you going to do something?
If no, can people change Ubuntu logo a bit and use them?

One of the attachments is for PGP signature.

Ali Reza Hayati

I’ll share their response as soon as they send it to me.

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