Don’t be a digital slave, fight for yourself

During the time that slavery was legal in United States, there were a lot of fugitive slaves who fought for their freedom. They either gained it or died proudly. A lot of slaves ran away from United States to where slavery was not legal.

During these times, there were also some slaves who believed that it’s white people’s right to enslave black people. They liked slavery and they liked to be enslaved. They fought against running slaves and they served their masters proudly.

During the Civil War in the United States, some of confederate soldiers were black people. You may start thinking that maybe slavery was not that bad, huh? WRONG. Those slaves who fought against slavery were not seeking power or anything. They fought for their freedom and humanity. Those slaves who fought against freedom fighters were not free or living a good life.

Most of them were slaves just like other slaves. The only difference was that so-called masters were shrewd enough to insinuate to them that it is the masters’ right to enslave them.

Today, we see slavery in digital worlds. I am very sorry that we have new digital slaves who are defending the rights of companies (new masters) against their (new slaves) own rights. Some people are defending Google and its allies even though they know that Google and its friends (Big Tech) is spying on them and violating their rights over freedom and privacy.

When you explain the situation to them, they simply respond that Google provides services, and when you tell them that are similar/same services that are libre and privacy-respecting, they simply respond with some idiotic response such as Google is better or Google is worldwide, etc.

They are slaves I talked about. Slaves who voluntarily are serving masters. Slaves who fight against their own freedom and rights. I still am unable to properly respond to them as I believe dealing with them needs special abilities that I don’t have, sadly.

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