Update: Mr. Stallman had some question which I answered and then he emailed his response and opinion.

As I explained in my email (for help) to Mr. Stallman, there is a crisis in Iran’s software libre community which is leading to a huge disagreement between the members of the community. Here’s my email to Mr. Stallman.

Dear Mr. Stallman,
Hello. I hope you’re well.

I know you’re a busy man so I go straight to the point. Two years ago,
some people that were/are attached/related to the government of my
country, Iran, founded an association named “Free Software and Open
Source Association of Iran”. I, and most of the community members here,
believe that they were developing tools and resources for government for
various uses, such as internet censorship.

Basically, they were doing stuff completely against the benefits of
software libre community. The thing is that this foundation was not
publicly announced to the community and we only found out about it less
than two months ago.

After we found out about it, I and my friends tried to participate in it
and take control over it by taking most places in the directing board.
What we wanted to do was to take control of the foundation to stop its
acts under the name of “free software” and limiting them from using the
name of the community.

We believed what they did is to put responsibility of their work on the
community so we decided to act, instead of being passive.

Now, the problem for us is that community members are attacking us over
our decision. They are mad and disappointed. Most of the community think
that we should have boycott this foundation.

We explained our intent but they still don’t agree that what we did was
a right thing to do. They repeatedly ask us to dissolve or rename this
foundation but if we do so, they (the previous members) will found a new
association under the same name.

What do you think is the right reaction? What is the right way to deal
with this problem?

I also attached my encryption key. Please sign and encrypt your email
message. Thanks a lot.

As usual, I’ll publish his response as soon as I get it.