As we talked before, Mr. Stallman responsed about the crisis and answered my question. Here’s his response.

If you think a change of name would be better, then change it.
As for the criticisms, they seem to be based on misunderstanding.

> They say it’s better to dissolve this foundation or rename it because Free=
> Software Community doesn’t need any foundation or association=2E

That makes no sense to me. I think this must be due to confusion.
A free software association is useful because it can raise money
and use it to do good things for free software and the community.

> Alao, they believe the name of it (Free Software and Open Source Associati=
> on of Iran) may be misleading=2E They insist that it can make people think =
> that it’s a representative of the whole community=2E

Why do they think it is “representative” at all? That seems like a strange

Does it _say_ that it aims to be representative?
If so, that explains why they think so — so change that statement.