As coronavirus made it impossible for students to attend classes physically, many schools, universities, and/or educational classes are using online platforms to hold classes. Most of these classes are held violating students’ rights and digital freedoms by using proprietary software.

With proprietary business software, educational administrators are violating people’s digital rights over owning their software and controlling their computers. There are great software libre for education and/or holding online classes.

I myself have seen some classes and online meetings been held by great software libre BigBlueButton which is really featured and easy to use.

Now, Free Software Foundation launched a petition to ask students, teachers, administrators, and schools to replace their proprietary software with a software libre to stop this violation of people’s digital rights. They emailed the FSF Community Team and wrote a blog post about it. You can sign this petition on FSF’s website and join us to fight for userfreedom of students, as a large part of society.