I’ve seen an amazing video of kids reacting to sexism and I was wondering is it because they are educated about sexism or this is just their humane nature. The video was about female human beings getting paid less than males and how kids were reacting to this discrimination.

I don’t think those kids were educated about sexism and I believe their reaction and what they did was just their nature. Humans are not sexist, racist, discriminatory, etc. by nature. They are just taught wrong. Our kids watch their environment and learn its behavior.

Now, if we start educating our children about sexism (and other humanitarian stuff), they won’t act as sexists, etc. We should teach them to treat every person equally with justice and if they were treated less than others, they should step up and fight for their rights.

Most of us was never taught to be strong. Nobody taught us to fight against those who treat us with discrimination. We should stop this. We learned it the hard way, we should make it easy for next generations.

The effects of sexism on children. Reactions to female discrimination