I saw some news about tech companies changing the phrases “blacklist” and “whitelist” to make their products more contrary to racism. I’ve talked about changing the terms “master branch” and I supported it as it’s a good practice to remind everyone that racism still exists and we should do whatever we can to avoid them.

I believe banning the terms blacklist/whitelist is also a good practice to remind people that we still need action about racism but it’s absolutely not enough. As I mentioned this before, the main problem is not the terms but it’s in our behaviors.

There’s still not enough diversity in our societies and workspaces. There are still many racist people who discriminate against black (and other colors) people. I completely support action to remove/ban these terms but before that, we should remove racist thoughts from our society.

Banning the terms without serious action against racist people/thoughts is worthless. We still are facing many problems.

Also, the problem is not only racism. It’s also sexism and general discrimination. We should not think that there’s only racism. We still are paying women less than men for the same job. Anyway, I believe banning these terms is good as long as we first ban those thoughts.