One day, a little boy and his dad were traveling with their car on a road full of twists and turns. Suddenly, his dad loses the control of the car and after a severe accident, they fall into a valley. The father dies right on the spot, but the boy is saved and survives. People take him to the hospital.

The the dean of the hospital goes and checks the kid, it gets surprising as the dean finds out the boy is its own child. Now, if the father have died immediately, who’s the dean of the hospital? Please think about it and then read the rest.

Sometimes humans subconsciously have some thoughts for which there is no logical basis. Did you think that maybe the dean of the hospital is a woman?

If there was no dominant thought about gender, most of us would answer the question, yes, the dean of the hospital was the boy’s mother. Can only men be bosses? Of course no. Men and Women are equal.

This should be fixed. Also, it’s not just about sexism; it’s also relatable to many subjects such as race discrimination, etc. Sadly, most people have default misjudgements that can lead us to more discrimination; more racism, more sexism, and more injustice/inequality.