Update: Canonical responded.

Regarding my email to Canonical about possible misuse of Ubuntu’s logo, I got this reply/questions from them which I answered.

Canonical’s response:

Hi Ali

Thank you for getting in touch. We really appreciate you taking the time to report the following matter to us.

When we get reports like this, we generally look into it further to determine, what appropriate trademark protection should be taken, if any. Do you have any further information on where you found these examples? The logo examples alone is not enough to look into it.

Thank you very much for your support of Ubuntu!

Jilayne Lovejoy
Legal Counsel | Canonical
Ubuntu – Linux for Human Beings

I answered this to their email message:

Dear Jilayne,
I hope you’re well.

You can see logos I sent being used on websites “baadraan.ir” and
“seba.ir”. I don’t know about ‘seba’ but ‘baadraan’ heavily advertises
for itself in Iran. For example, there a lot of baadraan ads/banners in
subway stations in Tehran (which I saw myself) and they all use their
logo (which I believe is a violation of Ubuntu’s copy/trademark rights).

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