About a month ago, Apple talked about an interesting feature in iOS 14; Whenever the iPhone detects that a third-party app is using a clipboard, it notifies the user via a notification.

As you probably know, a clipboard is actually a short-term memory and its job is to store copied information, whether it’s text, photos, or anything else, and it can naturally include Internet passwords, bank account information, and more.

Those who have received the beta of iOS 14 quickly realized that apps like TikTok and even AccuWeather capture the contents of the clipboard. There are now reports of impermissible activity on some other popular apps, such as Reddit and LinkedIn.

One of the developers of iPhone applications, claims that the mentioned software copy all the content for themselves as soon as the content is entered in the clipboard, and this happens continuously.

This is another reason for us to stop using proprietary apps. Same thing could happen in software libre apps but we would find it way sooner than this. This is why GMAFIA & Friends provide services; to illegally collect your personal information.

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