I’ve talked about how software libre has nothing against selling software/services. I truly believe we should buy stuff from companies that sell software libre (or anything that benefits all) to support them. But some of companies/foundations are not for profit.

Some foundations are nonprofits working to promote knowledge and information for benefit of all people. Some like FSF, a nonprofit with a worldwide mission to promote computer user freedom, depend on people’s donations.

Our donations are not used for the financial benefit of certain individuals, but to build a better world. Wikimedia (parent of Wikipedia) is another example. Wikipedia is considered as the largest online encyclopedia online and it completely depends on donations. According to Wikimedia, 98% of readers of Wikipedia don’t give.

Imagine internet without Wikipedia; it’s scary. Wikipedia has a history of balckout. For example, about 1800 (English Wikipedia) editors voted in favor of a 24-hour global blackout of the site on January 18, disabling normal reading and editing functions. This was to protest against SOPA and PIPA. A lot of people, including a large number of students worldwide were troubled.

Now imagine that Wikipedia is completely shut down and never returns to its previous state. If we don’t donate to such foundations, this would happen. Free Software Foundation, Wikimedia, GNU Project, VideoLAN, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Riseup, and a lot of other great and amazing foundations/projects are doing for benefit of all and we should keep them alive.

It is important to donate and participate in them to build a better world.