I see some people ask others “Why don’t you have children?” and I believe it’s an stupid question. Not having any children should not be asked about. In fact, what should we ask people is “Why do you have children?”

Sadly, we need license for many things, such as driving. However, having children does not require anything. Having children is a big and important responsibility and not everyone should be allowed to have children. Those who do not have children, in my opinion, have done their social and human duty better than others.

I believe people with no children realize how important and serious this responsibility is. Not having children should not be questioned; it’s having children that should be questioned.

With the current problems in the world, having children in many cases is cruelty to that child and is considered a kind of selfishness. We give birth to children but we’re not owner of them. Raising them good is our responsibility and duty.

If they are oppressed in any way, whether physical or emotional, we are guilty. If they are dissatisfied with the situation they are in, we are responsible and guilty. If they are persecuted in any way, we are responsible for that persecution and we are guilty. I’m not against breeding at all, what I’,m against is to giving birth to children without being prepared for the responsibilities.

I also believe nobody should be forced to have children nor be forced to not having children. I believe we should spread knowledge and information about it. Forcing people to not having children is not acceptable at all, just like how forcing people to have children is wrong.