If someone does a bad thing, let’s say theft from a shop, should we steal too? Of course not. The bad deeds of others can’t be a reason for our bad deeds. Because there’s a dictatorship somewhere in the world, we should not change our system to a dictatorship.

When I talk about how some evil corporations/governments are doing bad stuff, some of their defenders respond that other corporation/government is doing this too. It’s ridicules how a human being can be so thoughtless and idiotic.

Many people around the world are suffering from hunger, should we stop eating too? Of course not because the activities of others can’t be the standard of our deeds and activities. If some government murders its people, that government is not competent. Not agreeing with a system doesn’t mean agreeing with its opposition.

I find people who make reasons like “that system did it too” very disappointing and worthless to argue with. However, I believe we should try to educate them, unless we see that they are mercenaries or prejudiced people.