When we talk about violating people’s privacy and using their data against them, many think that this violation is just done by mining data. This is a fact that mining people’s data based on information provided to a service can do many wrongs but violating people’s privacy is not just done by mining data.

Most of the times, when we’re using a service, what we’re concerned is not the amount data we provide, it’s the data itself. Even small amounts of data in different and various services can be used against our privacy. Many corporations have relationships with each other based on mutual interest.

They share our data together and all these data together can be matched and build a complete set of profiles upon us. We know that certain amount of metadata can be even more useful than data itself. Metadata provided to these companies can be used build a better/more complete profile, needless to say that the metadata itself can be used too.

Sadly, many people think because a service collects less information than others, it’s privacy-respecting. However, smart and intelligent services are now focused on collecting the right data from users not every data.

A service is not safe or privacy-respecting just because it collects less data. As long as you don’t know how a service works and/or can’t control everything in it, that service is not privacy-respecting. A service is not safe because it has less users than others and the data they have can’t be mined. In fact, they can be even worse as they can sell perfect data of us to big tech like GMAFIA and its friends.