Happy Blog Day!

Blog Day (sometimes stylized as 3l0g Day) is an unofficial holiday celebrated by bloggers across the world on August 31. It was first marked in 2005.

The date of August 31 was chosen because 3108 (31st day of the 8th month) can be read as “blog”. The concept of the holiday is quite simple. On this day, bloggers are encouraged to recommend five blogs they consider interesting. A recommendation should contain a short description and a link to the recommended blog.

It is suggested that bloggers recommend blogs that are different from their own attitude, point of view and/or culture, because Blog Day is all about diversity! It is also important to notify the bloggers you’ve recommended and congratulate them on the holiday.

Sadly, Blog Day has not gained considerable popularity in the blogosphere.

If you don’t write a blog, start right now and join us. A blog doesn’t need to be technical or about a specific category/subject. You can use you blog to express your opinions or just to communicate with people, they way social networks can’t do. For many years, I’ve been writing different blogs and I have had an amazing experience, you should do it too.

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