A few minutes ago, at least two explosions took place in Beirut, the Lebanese capital. The cause of the explosions and the damage and casualties have not yet been reported.

Update: local news say that the blasts appeared to be the result of a fire or an accident at a fireworks depot. New footage shows many people are injured but there’s still no news about casualties.

Update 2: In the first official response, the Lebanese director of public security told Al Jazeera: “What happened (in Beirut) was not an explosion of fireworks, but an explosion at an ammunition depot that had been seized in recent years.”

Meanwhile, local media quoted Lebanese Health Minister Hamad Hassan as saying that a ship carrying large quantities of explosives (fireworks) had exploded in the port of Beirut.

Update 3: Local sources claim that near 50 people which at least seven of them are medical staff are dead and more than 3000 people are injured. Please follow The Guardian for more news.

Footage of the second explosion in Beirut, happened few minutes ago.

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