It’s very sad to see UAE, an Arab country, signed a relationship normalization contract. It’s sad to see an Arabic country is trying to make relationship with an apartheid, racist, and human rights-violator state such as Israel instead of helping Palestinians taking back their rightful land.

I always support peace and I am against killing people, no matter what the situation is, but this contract only powers Israel to put more force on Palestinians. Israel has shown world that it doesn’t want nor tolerates an Palestinian country/state where Palestinians and people are in power, no matter what their religion is.

It wasn’t long ago that Israel publicly announced that it’s a Jewish state and showed how it supports fascism and apartheid and violates human rights.

It’s a really sad day for Palestinians and all humans, as we are one step close to more murder of Palestinians. UAE, Bahrain, USA, and Israel are four sides of this contract. They should be ashamed.