While ago, Navid Afkari, an Iranian held in prison with death sentence accused of murder, got executed which many human rights and social activists believe the death sentence for murder was unfair and he was executed with no evidence.

Now, two of his brothers are still in prison with charges of assisting in murder. In a released voice recording of Navid, he told that he and his brothers were tortured a lot and forced to confess against each other. Now, social activists are concerned that the two other brothers face an end similar to their executed brother.

There was no evidence shown to public that proves the guilt of Afkari brothers. The only evidence was their own confession which they claim was under torture and in this case, the confession is worthless. Torture is inhumane and execution is against human rights.

I believe the killer should be punished but with a proper humanly punishment not execution. Whoever killed the murdered person in this case, or assisted in the murder, should be arrested and punished with no doubt but the arrest should be with proper evidence and there shouldn’t be any death sentence, not in this case nor any other. No person should lose its life because of past mistakes.

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