According to the London-based Iran International, the three minors — Hadi Rostami, Mehdi Sharafian and Mehdi Shahivand — lost their appeals in the Iranian Supreme Court this week and were subsequently ordered to have four fingers severed from their right hands. The boys were initially tried last November on charges of four counts of robbery in the northern city of Urmia and have remained behind bars ever since.

It is unclear when the judicial measure will be carried out, and authorities have not issued any further details about the extent or nature of their crimes. However, the Judiciary Media Center denied the news about the execution of the sentence of amputating the fingers of three children for theft.

It is not clear from this text that only their childhood was denied or that the execution order was denied. In any case, the sentence issued cannot be denied because the defendants were notified in 2019 and the news today was that the sentence was sent for execution of the sentence.

A June report released by the Iran Human Rights Monitor (IRM) underscored that Rostami, Sharafian and Shahivand claimed that they were forced to confess under torture, and one of the prisoners — Rostami — was in a dire health condition in the Central Prison of Urmia and had cut his wrists in protest of the upholding of his sentence earlier this year.

According to statistics collected by the Boroumand Foundation over the years, at least 174 amputations of the hand/finger have been carried out in the last 29 years in Iran. Undoubtedly, this statistic does not include all cases of execution of this sentence because many of these sentences are not officially announced and the actual amount of execution is more than this number.

Victims of hand/finger amputation punishments face many problems in life, and this sentence is extremely unjust, inhuman and inaccurate. Such punishments must be stopped because there is no justice in them and this act is very inhumane and contrary to human rights.

Sadly, the number rises when we collect data from other countries such as Saudi Arabia, which has a terrible situation and place when in comes to respecting humans and human rights.

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