Navid Afkari, one of the three imprisoned brothers because of participating in Iran’s August 2017 nationwide protests is in danger of losing his life. He has been moved to an unknown place and his family has no information of him since then, Iran International reported.

Tonight, his confessions, which he says were under torture, was broadcasted in Iran’s Broadcasting Company and many believe that it was under pressure and torture. Many also found some contradictions and believe that is evidence that Navid, and other arrested and tortured people, confessed under torture and their confessions are false and unacceptable.

Long ago, Maziar Ebrahimi also confessed to murdering (terrorizing) an atomic scientist of Iran and his confessions were broadcasted on IRIB. Recently, he was freed and announced not guilty. He also said that his confessions were under heavy torture and inhumane conditions.

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry has a history of torturing people and getting false confessions from them. Now Navid is believed to be the next victim of this inhumane program. Recently, a voice recording of his was published which in it he clearly said that all of his confessions were under torture and none were true, at all.

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