Thugs in Salt Lake City answered a 9-1-1 call from a woman who said her unarmed 13-year-old son was uncontrollably upset. They treated him as if he were an armed and dangerous gangster.

Golda Barton told KUTV she called 911 to request a crisis intervention team because her son, who has Asperger’s syndrome, was having an episode caused by “bad separation anxiety” as his mother went to work for the first time in more than a year.

“I said, ‘He’s unarmed, he doesn’t have anything, he just gets mad and he starts yelling and screaming,’” she said. “He’s a kid, he’s trying to get attention, he doesn’t know how to regulate.”

She added: “They’re supposed to come out and be able to de-escalate a situation using the most minimal force possible.”

Instead, she said, two officers went through the front door of the home and in less than five minutes were yelling “get down on the ground” before firing several shots.

“He’s a small child,” she said. “Why didn’t you just tackle him? He’s a baby. He has mental issues.”

The shots did not kill him, but after those injuries he may wish they had.

This is a precise example of the reason behind “Defund the police”. The city should have sent an unarmed team of calmers and deescalaters, not thugs.

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