Since few days ago, GitLab is restricting Iranians from accessing its services and is also banning Iranian users’ accounts. A GitLab Support employee confirmed this.

GitLab Support message about banning Iranians
GitLab Support message about banning Iranians

Sadly, United States doesn’t stop its terrible and ridicules laws and sanctions. I remember talking about this a lot. Restricting Iranian software developers from using a git service is totally ridiculous and unbelievable.

Iranians are an important and very efficient part of the software libre community. Restricting them can only harm the community and progress and success of the software libre community.

More importantly, the law is discriminatory. Banning people from using a service because of the bad their government did is discriminatory and inhumane.

United States have done very awful stuff during years but nobody bans Americans from using European and/or Asian services. It’s hard to believe that these sanctions are only targeting the Iranian government. Even if it was targeting the government only, the sanctions should be on officials and/or certain range, not on the nationality.

There are great software libre alternatives for GitHub and GitLab. for example is one of the bests. We should encourage people to use decentralized and non-discriminatory services instead of GitLab and GitHub.

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  1. @brettgilio I totally agree. As I said I don’t blame @sir but I won’t promote his service too just like I don’t promote any other service based in USA, because they are discriminatory.For example, I’m friend with some people who use proprietary software but I don’t promote their work as I believe that’s unjust. It’s like that.The difference is that @sir‘s service is libre and he did what he could do and we appreciate it but GitHub is absolute shit.

  2. @arh I agree with you @arh. I don’t agree with sanctions. They hurt the people and don’t really work. Isn’t it pointless to ban Iran or any country from an online service because people will use a VPN?

  3. @arh I completely agree with you. Alot of us are here because we believe in open source, libre and decentralization. Banning a country from a service goes against our community goals in my opinion.


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