Julian Assange’s extradition hearing demonstrated that the US and UK governments will break any rule and tell any lie to get Assange.

The article recounts how his supporters’ computers were stolen, as well as how his basic rights as a person accused were violated.

This follows a legal campaign in which procedures and laws were trashed again and again, and which demonstrated that the Swedish state was only using the original charges against Assange as an excuse, and had no interest in seriously investigating them.

If Assange is thinking of suicide, I do not think that represents any sort of mental derangement on his part. Under Assange’s circumstances, suicide would be a rational act, an act of courage, avoiding a fate worse than death.

A few days ago I said that no one ever really deserves to die. If you are facing a fate worse than death, what you really deserve is to avoid it and live. But if that is impossible, I still hope that you avoid it.

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