There’s a viral video in Iranian/Persian social networks showing a Abadani woman beaten brutally and held on the ground by some people. There’s blood on her face and a lot of shouting can be heard.

A blue pig then comes and puts his foot on her body and after a while starts to grope the woman. The woman is held hardly and can’t move. The pig grabs her breast and starts to groping.

Many people in social networks are saying that the woman was raped before and got pregnant so she went to the house of the rapist to protest and the family of the rapist did this to her.

Some news agencies say that the pig is now arrested and is waiting for sentence. Sadly, there’s not much hope for the pig to be punished properly. There’s a video of the girl talking and claiming that she’s gonna pursue the case legally.

Update (2020 October 25):

Some media outlets have quoted one of the woman’s relatives as saying that she was an employee of an oil company who had been raped by a high-ranking official of the oil company with whom she was friends.

After the rape, the woman was hospitalized for some time due to psychological pressures. After seeing no way out of this situation, she goes to the rapist’s house to protest to his wife, so that this protest may prevent the rapist from pressuring her mentally and emotionally and then the incident happens, sadly.

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