New York’s Strand bookstore appeals for help

The New York Strand bookstore, one of the New York’s landmarks and probably one of the most important landmark of NYC in literary appeals for help due to financial crisis caused by coronavirus.

“We’ve survived just about everything for 93 years,” proprietor Nancy Bass-Wyden said in a statement, of the store her grandfather founded in 1927. “The Great Depression, two world wars, big box bookstores, ebooks and online behemoths. We are the last of the 48 bookstores still standing from 4th Avenue’s famous Book Row.

Please buy from your local stores and support local businesses instead of chain markets and Amazon. Specially, if you want a book, please buy it from your local physical bookstore if you can’t borrow it from your local library.

This way, you can be sure there’s no DRM involved and also local business won’t get shut down because of evil giants like Amazon.

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