Al Jazeera has reported that United Arab Emirates is going to make fundamental changes to its Islamic personal laws.

The United Arab Emirates has announced that it will lift some restrictions on personal freedoms, including the consumption of alcohol and cohabitation without marriage, and that honor killings will be criminalized following a fundamental review of the country’s Islamic law.

The announced amendments do not specify the type of punishment for these murders, but emphasize that the criminalization of these murders is done with the aim of “protecting women’s rights.”

According to Al-Jazeera news network, under the new laws, citizens aged 21 and over can sell or consume alcohol, and the laws on fines and penalties for drinking will be repealed.

Under the new law, unmarried couples can live together, and that’s no longer crime.

These legal reforms are part of efforts to improve the legislative and investment situation in this Persian Gulf country.

These are wonderful. UAE is trying to be a modern country that values individual liberties and human rights. Along with Saudi Arabia, UAE is doing some great changes and improvements.

Sadly, the human rights situation is not yet good and needs a lot of cultural and educational works. People are raised with these laws and the country needs to educate people about the new laws. However, people not being educated enough should not be a reason to stop this improvements.

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