RT has reported that protesters in Bangkok have shown their disrespect for the Thai King by turning their backs on a royal motorcade as it passed. People have been rallying for months, demanding the resignation of the PM and reform of the monarchy.

I’ve never been to Thailand and I’ve never spoken to Thai person so I don’t know how much, generally, people respect the king. However, no matter how good or bad he is and no matter how much power he really has, a kingdom is against people.

Being a king means being in power, which is not given to by people, and the result of being in power for a long time is corruption. Sadly, some countries are still kingdoms.

I personally can’t accept a person being considered higher level just because long time ago its tribe or family took over some land and forced people to live under their ruling.

People should throw down kingdoms and establish real democracy all around the world so everybody can live in peace in justice. All humans are born equal and should live equally and nobody should be considered better or premier.