The Boroumand Foundation has been informed that Mr. Hadi Rostami, accused of robbery and imprisoned in Urmia Prison, is waiting to have four of his fingers amputated.

Earlier, the Supreme Court had upheld the verdict of amputation of the four fingers of his right hand and three others.

HRANA also reported that Mr. Rostami was facing a new charge of “disrupting prison order.” The information received by HRANA and the Boroumand Foundation shows that he is under a lot of pressure.

Under international law, amputation is considered a cruel and inhumane sentence.

Other reports indicate that three other people were sentenced to amputation of a finger last month, two of which were upheld by the Supreme Court.

The names of those who, in addition to Hadi Rostami, are in danger of being victim of this sentence in Urmia Prison are: Mehdi Shahivand, Mehdi Sharafian, Kasra Karami, Mehrdad Teymouri, Shahab Teymouri, and Arash Ali Akbari.

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