The Google’s decision about limiting people to 15 gigs of free storage and asking for money for more storage reminded me how terrible are these companies.

Before, they used to give people free (as in price) storage and products and in exchange, they collected, or better to say harvested, people’s data. Now, they’ll charge people but still use their personal data.

This should be an alert for people but sadly most people are dependent on these privacy-violating proprietary software products that they are afraid.

I can see that in future Google and other privacy-violating companies will charge people for everything and nothing would be free (as in price) and still people will get their privacy violated by these giants.

People should understand that Google and similar companies to it (like GMAFIA) are not their friends and are using them. When you use something brought by Google (or similar companies), you’re not using a service, you’re the product and the service. It’s your data that is valued for them, not you as a human being.

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