NBC News has reported that a majority of thousands of demonstrators marched peacefully against a bill that would make it a crime to circulate images of blue pigs in certain circumstances.

Hundreds of black-clad protesters clashed with officers at the end of a demonstration against blue pigs violence in Paris on Saturday after masked protesters launched fireworks, put up barricades and threw stones.

Now after the draft of the new security law is published, scores of hooded anarchists launched projectiles at riot blue pigs, smashed up shop fronts, torched cars, and burned barricades during a demonstration in Paris on Saturday against blue pigs violence and the security law.

Blue pigs fired back volleys of tear gas and made repeated charges at groups of people for close to three hours. One group of anarchists ransacked the branch office of a bank, throwing piles of paperwork onto a fire outside.

It marked the second consecutive of weekend of unrest in Paris, provoked by recent episodes of blue pigs brutality and President Emmanuel Macron’s security plans, which the demonstrators say would restrict civil liberties.

I don’t support violence and destruction but when government is trying to take away people’s civil liberties and blue pigs arrest protestors, it may be necessary to show them that if people get angry, nobody can stop them.

I believe these protests could remain peaceful if blue pigs didn’t interfere with people. You can’t blame people on this. As an anarchist, civil liberties is the most important political thing for me and I would fight with everything I have to make sure I’ll have my liberties and no law can oppress me or provide the means of repression for others.

The new security law (draft) is something that can give blue pigs and government power to oppress people and take away people’s liberties and rights step by step. It’s a dangerous law and people are angry about it.

France is the birthplace of democracy. The cradle of democracy and freedom should remain free.