Today is 40th anniversary of legend John Lennon’s tragic death. John Winston Ono Lennon was and still is a true legend for many people. One who fought for peace and human beings. He brought joy, happiness, feelings, and hope to many people by his music.

Many of us first thought about humanity when we first heard his popular and amazing song, Imagine.

If he wasn’t dead, he would be 80 years old today. Sadly, he only lived for 40 years but his legacy surely will live lot more than that. Today, after 40 years of his death, people still gather in front of Dakota apartment building in New York and that’s a simple example of how great of a human being he was.

We may can’t go to his concerts or visit him, but what we can do is to continue his way and fight to his dreams which was a united world, with no borders, and human beings living together with peace, joy, equality, equity, and justice.