Ruhollah Zam, convicted of fomenting violence during the 2017 anti-government protests, hanged early on Saturday morning, Al Jazeera has reported.

The Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office of Tehran announced: “At dawn today, 2020 December 12, the death sentence of Ruhollah Zam, the founder and manager of Amadnews, was carried out and he was “hanged”.

A spokesman for the Judiciary of Iran announced on Tuesday, December 10, that the death sentence of Ruhollah Zam, the director of the Amnnews Telegram channel, had been upheld by the Supreme Court.

“Spying for France and Israel” were among allegations, but Zam has denied all allegations, saying he was only a journalist.

In July of this year, Mohammad Ali Zam, Ruhollah Zam’s father, called the death sentence by the Revolutionary Court “illegal” and declared that his son had been deprived of “his most basic rights” during the trial.

I’ve always said that execution is an inhumane sentence and should be illegal. Execution, for whatever reason or crime, is murder and injustice. Nothing good comes out of it. If execution was a solution, we wouldn’t have any crime nowadays.

This was a sad day. Two people in United States and one in Iran lost their lives. And worse than that, there are several people waiting for their death sentence to be excecuted around the world and this brutal and inhumane sentence continues to be held. A truly sad day.