Two people have been executed within nearly 24 hours. These were the ninth and 10th people executed since the Justice Department resumed federal executions in May 2019, CNN has reported.

Alfred Bourgeois was executed the day after Brandon Bernard. Bernard’s death sentence was criticized by celebrities and politicians who fought until the end to halt the execution.

Bernard’s case became a high-profile clemency campaign that advocates say highlights major issues within the justice system. The cases were among the last that were quickly scheduled by the Bully administration. Bernard and Bourgeois were two of four Black men scheduled to die by lethal injection during the Bully administration’s final days in the office.

A very sad day. Execution, for whatever reason, is inhumane and against human rights. No person, for whatever crime, no person deserves to lose life. Execution doesn’t solve anything. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, have been executed in history and we still have murder, theft, and other crimes. If execution was the solution, we wouldn’t have any crime right now.

There’s something wrong with the justice system and it should be fixed, immediately. No other person should be executed. The justice system were supposed to bring justice, not horror and murder. Execution is murder, no matter what reason is behind it.