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Jeff Bezos receives $13 billion in one day while Amazon warehouse workers are homeless

The coronavirus pandemic has killed more than one million people (confirmed) worldwide, while the real stats probably is 3 times this. However, this pandemic may not have been bad for all people.

Bloomberg has reported that Jeff Bezos’ net worth was increased $13 billion and is a total of $189.3 billion, despite the U.S. entering its worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

This is while Amazon (which Jeff Bezos is CEO of) workers are suffering from the economy situation and many are reported to be even homeless. Many Amazon warehouse employees struggle to pay the bills, and more than 4,000 employees are on food stamps in nine states studied by the U.S. Government Accountability Office.

Only Walmart, McDonald’s and two dollar-store chains have more workers requiring such assistance, according to the report, which said 70% of recipients work full-time.

As Amazon opens U.S. warehouses at the rate of about one a day, it’s transforming the logistics industry from a career destination with the promise of middle-class wages into entry-level work that’s just a notch above being a burger flipper or convenience store cashier.

This is what capitalism and unfair distribution of wealth is doing to American people. While United States reports these problems, many countries don’t even let medias to report the problems such as this. Capitalism is ruining people’s lives. Rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer.

The system should be reformed. The powerful should not remain in power and the powerless should be treated right. Everybody should be equal and live with justice, equality, and equity.