A homeless man sentenced to life in prison for a $20 marijuana sale is freed after 12 years, CNN has reported. In 2008, Fate Winslow was approached by a plain-clothed undercover police officer in Shreveport, Louisiana, looking for some marijuana.

Winslow, recently homeless at the time, borrowed a friend’s bike and came back 10 minutes later with two small bags of marijuana worth $20, according to the Innocence Project New Orleans, who represented Winslow.The officer arrested Winslow.

And because Winslow had three priors — a burglary of a business when he was 17 in 1985, a car burglary in 1995 and possession of cocaine when he was 36 — the $20 sale landed Winslow a life sentence, according to IPNO.

On Wednesday, Winslow walked free after his case was re-sentenced for 12 years, with credit for time already served.

Good to hear that. I hope he won’t commit a crime again and more than that, I hope the judicial system starts a well-needed immediate reform. The war on drugs must have taken some very bad drugs 12 years ago.