Federal prosecutors accuse Zoom executive of working with Chinese government to surveil users and suppress video calls. The case is a stunning blow for the $100 billion video-call giant and raises questions about how the California-based company protects users’ data around the world, The Washington Post has reported.

The question is, security of whom? For a Chinese “security” executive at Zoom, “security” meant the security of the Chinese regime. He reported on users to China, and snooped on meetings. If they discussed the Tien An Men Square massacre, he terminated the meetings and the participants’ accounts, on the orders of China.

Zoom management responded to the scandal by promising that in the future Zoom would only cancel an account on China’s command this way if the user is in China! Like the security, privacy, and life of people matters differently based on their birthplace or region they live.

Such a ridiculous response to a critical question like this. This is why we should avoid these disgusting companies. This is why we should never trust or even respect them. They sicken me.