So I just talked about how freedom of speech is for all people, not only those who we agree with and I got attacked by a person who seemed to be opposed to fascism but acted like them. So I just thought maybe it’s good to mention my ideas about freedom of speech and expression again.

I don’t support Gab, I don’t support Parler, I don’t support FreeSpeechExtremist, but I support their right to exist and their right of free speech.

I’m on which is a leftist instance and blocked all those instances but it’s a choice. I should have a choice to block them because I don’t like them and they should have a right to exist and speak freely.

If they are organizing terrorism, etc. well security officers of country can take action but banning them and taking away their right to express their opinions is not OK.

One day, same will happen to us. If we don’t protest what is happening to Parler and right-wing supporters, one day same will happen to us and nobody will support us.

I may disagree with what you say but I’ll fight to death for your right to say what you want to say.

Freedom of speech is not conditional on political view.

This is also a consequence of trusting Amazon and other major tech companies on supporting freedom.

For sure, Amazon didn’t do anything illegal as they have a right to decide what they want to host and what they don’t want.

However, we should be careful about how much powerful Amazon and GMAFIA is. We should be careful about how easily they can impose censorship on people.

I believe Amazon shouldn’t have taken down Parler. They are getting paid and should’ve continue the service to the end of contract.

They could simply not renew the contract after it ends. Not because Parler is a good social network, I believe it’s shit and its users are bunch of idiots but I also believe they are human beings with opinions which I don’t have a right to control.

So fuck Parler, fuck Gab, fuck FreeSpeechExtremist users, but they still have a right to exist and talk freely.

I also fight for fascists’ freedom of speech. I fight against them and I’ll do whatever I can to stop them but I won’t take away their right to speak. I would even fight to pass a law against fascism but their freedom of expressing their political opinion is their basic human right.