When news agencies and sites reported that Biden won the 2020 presidential election of USA, I wrote that I won’t believe the results to the day Biden takes over the White House.

Today, Biden sworn and took over the White House. The time of the Bully is finally up and it’s a happy moment. As I have said before, I don’t trust Corrupt Joe at all but I don’t think he’s worse than the Bully.

I don’t think there’s much fundamental difference between Corrupt Joe and the Bully but I think Corrupt Joe in the office is much better than a racist fascist like Trump.

I really had hopes for Bernie Sanders but sadly we couldn’t see him in White House and Corrupt Joe nominated for the Democratic Party. I think Bernie could have make fundamental changes in the US’ system for better. I didn’t think he would be a absolute hero as he’s a capitalist after all but I think he is different, really different.