On 16 January, Facebook announced that it will be “banning ads that promote weapon accessories and protective equipment in the US at least through January 22”.

To those of us who have been observing the world of the Bully-supporting social media, this announcement is a manipulative piece of whitewashing that obscures how Facebook’s algorithms continue to divide people the world over. The Guardian has reported.

This is a disaster. Imagine a supporter of the Bully who thinks his freedom of choice is taken away and the savior (yeah, ridiculous) is now thrown off the power. Imagine how angry that person is and now when the person logs into Facebook, the person sees ads about weapons and self-defense.

Imagine a supporter of the Bully, angry enough to riot to the Capitol, seeing ads about weapons and tactical military-grade stuff.

Roughly four out of five ads shown to my pro-Bully profiles sell tactical gear clearly intended for combat. This is not a new thing – it has been going on since I started looking at these accounts in 2019 June, and it was probably going on much longer than that.

I’m not on Facebook and I have never liked it. I always promote not using Facebook and other centralized monopolies like it. You should avoid it too.