I see people are happy that Derek Chauvin is convicted of murder of George Floyd and think justice is served; it is not. Derek Chauvin being convicted is the simplest most basic thing that should’ve happen. The blue pig just experienced the equality. He was equally on trial and found guilty.

Justice will be served when the system changes. Blue pigs in USA have a long history of being influenced and working in favor of racists and there’s no need to mention the discrimination they put toward people of color. Justice will be served when we wipe racism.

When we change the way of policing, when we cut the racist discriminatory roots, that’s when we can say justice is served. When we no longer see our brothers and sisters being shot (dead) because of their color, that’s when we can say justice is served.

Derek Chauvin’s case is not an end, it’s a start. Start for change and start for more questions to ask the blue pigs for their actions in past, present, and future. This is the time we should rise and move. Move forward to stop what’s happening to us.

Our pressure on them is finally working and they’re talking. The blue wall of silence is finally broken. We wrecked it. Let’s work to stop them building it again.