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Don’t ban teaching critical race theory in schools

GOP lawmakers in multiple states are trying to ban critical race theory in schools. Critical race theory is the historical study of racial injustice and its effects on law and culture, past and present.

In January, Joe Biden reversed the Trump’s national ban on federal funding for diversity training based on critical race theory (CRT), a school of thought that explores the long-term effects of systemic racism.

Some states, including Texas, Idaho and Oklahoma, have now challenged Biden’s move by passing similar bills that ban teachers from discussing issues of race and gender in classrooms — pointing to Trump’s claim that critical race theory curriculum is “racist” and teaches “people to hate our country.”⁣

But many scholars and education advocates have pushed back against this claim and others supported by conservative lawmakers: “CRT challenges us to see that racial injustice in America is not, and has never been, just a problem of isolated instances of individual bias and private prejudice which we can solve by enacting ‘color-blind’ laws and policies,” Kendall Thomas, professor of constitutional law and human rights at Columbia University, told Newsweek.⁣

Bills banning CRT have also been proposed in other states, including Tennessee.⁣