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Support Colombian protests

Colombian people are protesting for different reasons such as tax reform (yes, in the middle of pandemic), health reform, death of social and environmental activists/leaders, and the alarming number of femicides.

People know 42.5 percent of Colombia’s salary is not enough for their basic needs, such as food, service, and rent, and 9.2 percent of the population do not even have three meals a day, some people only have enough for one meal. People are protesting and government is not listening, but killing people.

Government is killing people because they protested for their lives and basic rights. Thousands upon thousands of workers, students, indigenous groups, along with others, are protesting across different cities in Colombia, following calls for national strike to denounce the right-wing Duque government’s neoliberal policies and use of force.

At least 672 arbitary arrests, 136 violent interventions by blue pigs, 30 cases of shootings made by blue pigs, 4 victims of sexual violence by the blue pigs, 940 cases of blue pigs brutality, and 92 cases of blue pigs violence happened until now, and the real stats are way higher than we what know.

Please give a voice to Colombian people, our empathy can give them strength and power to fight for what they want, and what they need.